New Single w/ Mic Hoffa - K Banger Joins "Tour For Life" December 3 Date w/ GOATSQUAD in Woodbridge, CT 

For immediate release 

GOAT Squad emcees Mic Hoffa x K Banger release their new single "Pay Dues", now streaming everywhere from their up coming EP #BlueCollarRap due to drop late November. 

The boombap-yet-modern sounding single was premiered globally via Romania by it's popular DJ Vlad Dobrescu on the "Night Check" radio show on YouTube before hundreds of listeners. 

This comes before a string of show dates for Mic Hoffa, including opening for the CL Smooth 30th year anniversary for T.R.O.Y. with Full Blast Booking and a December 3 date with GOAT Squad in Woodbridge, CT continuing the #TourForLife mental health awareness fundraiser. K Banger is scheduled to perform on the December 3 appearance. 

Stay tuned for more details!

TruWerdz x K Banger "My Favorite Song" drops on June 8! 

K Banger's new single "My Favorite Song" features Rap boombap punchline specialist TruWerdz and will be available June 8!

The single can be pre-saved here and will lead you to the record after release date.

"My Favorite Song" is pure east coast Hiphop with soulful feel and hard hitting lyrics, infused with inspiration and sharp delivery.

TruWerdz has built an impressive organic following online with a rapsheet of albums, singles, performances, and features over the years. His Patreon platform helps empower independent artists and can be found here. This collaboration with K falls under his entity Tru Werdz Music.

KB has been busy working on G.O.A.T Squad records, most have which have been widely acclaimed after enjoying high organic stream counts and performances such as the renowned Grind Mode Cypher. K has also mixed and mastered B.A.L.L.E.R Brown and King Vir2ue's "Rise of Vir2ue" album which releases June 2 and can be heard here.

Stay tune for much more from K Banger this year. And please share!

K Banger Joins Addictive Music Group as A&R/New Single September 28 

Pre-save the new single “Swimmin” here:


In recent news I have been enlisted as an A&R for Addictive Music Group, an entity headed by Billboard chart topper and multi-platinum certified musician/producer Morgan Matthews whose credits include Alicia Keys (the single with Miguel “Show Me Love” went Gold, I believe), Gunna, 21 Savage, and quite a few more.

While all this sounds super sexy, I find this team of individuals to be very down to earth and passionate of music in itself regardless of sex, age, genre, etc. It's a perfect reflection of myself as an artist and how I listen to music.

I applied for this as myself; professional resume, headshot with the suit - no plans to mention anything about my discography or current releases as an emcee. Many know that I have a passion to help people (in this case, fellow artists) without having to "toot my own horn" or announcing my own agenda.

But somehow, my personal productions came up. I just wanted to show my ability to bring a record to life if, for any reason, I came across a good artist that needed certain services. So my music came into the conversation.

Long story short, Morgan sent music and I cut a demo. His response? "I love it, when is the release date?"

I decided that our single "Swimmin" which will be streaming on all platforms on September 28 would be the event in which I would announce this endeavor. "Swimmin" has also been made part of the Universal Music Publishing catalogue under a special publishing deal made within Addictive Music Group.

Stay tuned for special @KBangerDotCom IG Live episodes with key members of the Addictive Music Group team.

And yes - any and all artists that are curious as to how we can help you with your next release should contact me. If you haven't heard from me already, it is probably because I was taking time to see the inner workings of AMG before running my mouth. So far I am pleasantly surprised at the humble professionalism and legitimacy of this team.

Pre-Save "Swimmin" by K Banger here:


Stay tuned...