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The Autobiography

K Banger the Recifier/With me in unity/Hell fire the stage is/Blazing battle ax bangin'” - Triplebeam aka Tripslickstar

"Eastern Renaissance" K Banger featuring Third Eye and Triplebeam

It was this line in our song "Eastern Renaissance" that lead my friends to start calling me "K Banger". I was the drummer in our band, Balance Project. 

My name is Keith Salandy, born and raised in Perth Amboy, NJ and first American born from Trinidad and Tobago immigrants. I have musicians, lovers of music, and businesspeople in my family. That pretty much sums up my being. 

So far, being a teacher has been the longest profession in my working career. I began as an early childhood teacher assistant right out of high school and realized that I have the "teaching bug". I would later teach as an adjunct professor at the Institute of Audio Research in NYC.  

In between those two extremes would include a struggle between being an underground Hiphop MC, drummer, and producer and finally succeeding by becoming the head audio producer for Black Entertainment Television's Creative Services department in New York City, along with other company and label affiliations including New Line Cinemas, Universal Publishing, 45 Scientific, Sony Music, and many others. 

Years has flown by and I'm still all over the place. Currently I lead this creative services entity. I also supervise a team of Audio/Video technicians at the Hyatt Regency Orlando and work different events around the city if time allows. I still do a fair share of voice over work. Yes, and I'm a dad too - this is my favorite thing to do. 

This site helps me to put all of my products and services under one roof in order to help more people in need of inspiration, consultation, job leads and referrals, or suggestions. So please - enjoy the content and feel free to reach out about anything that resonates with you.  

Talk soon!